Betting is the act of making predictions about the results of specific events and staking on the outcome of the events. Bettors majorly place wagers on football, basketball, horse racing, hockey, wrestling, track cycling, boxing and so on. Bets are placed at both beginner and expert levels. Bettors do not only participate in sport gambling but also actively take part in other bets like casino bets and lottery.
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Types of sport betting
• Total bets
These are bets dependent on the total score between both teams. For instance, if a game has a sum of 10, a bettor might place an over bet on the total wanting it to be greater. Another bettor could place an under bet on the total wanting it to be lesser. However, if the predicted total is the same as the actual total, a push occurs.

• Parlays
This is a bet that encompasses other various bets. This bet encompasses at least two other bets. Any bettor who places wager on a parlay only wins if all the bets in the parlay result in a win. This can be a very tricky bet to stake on, as if one bets in a parlay of five (any number) bets loses, one loses one’s bets on that parlay. There are actually times when teasers are thrown at bettors. These teasers give a higher advantage of wins to the bettor but pay low. A parlay consisting of multiple risky bets pay higher than teasers and regular parlays.
Casino Bets
The following casino games are used for gambling activities such as placement of wagers on certain events that are likely to happen during the course of the games.
The game of card comparison is prominently played via the live dealer method. A live dealer in a physical casino relays the outcome of the cards dealt to the players. The dealer generally communicates with the players via a verbal means.
The live dealer in this game functions in the exact way as it does in the game of baccarat. The outcome of the cards dealt is passed on to the players individually.
Sic bo
This game of chance which is dependent on the roll of dice can also be featured live. The outcome of the dice rolled is related to the players. The winner of the bet is therefore announced.
Heads or tails
This is also a game of chance. However, the odds of winning are higher. The winning odds are equivalent to the odds of losing (50-50). The live operator flips the coin and announces the results of the flip to the players. The winner of the bet is determined from the announcement.
This wheel game can also be handled by a live operator. The operator relays the results of the ball landings in the colored and numbered pockets to the players. The result of the game then determines which bets are won.
Red and white
The live operation is similar to roulette. However, the ball lands in red, white or yellow squares in the grid.