Should You Use Synthetic Turf?

Astroturf is a company based in New Zealand that makes artificial turf for sporting surfaces at football stadiums. The original Astroturf product was simply a standard synthetic turf used to put in a swimming pool. Over the past decade, the company has developed new taller pile systems that employ infill polymers to improve the natural look of natural turf from the ground up.

The company’s goal was to create a product that was more durable, easier to maintain, and less expensive. It also wanted to create an attractive product that would appeal to the general public. The end result is a synthetic substance that looks like real turf and performs as well.

This new synthetic material is called Astroturf and it looks and feels like real turf with the exception of its thickness. It is made from a synthetic rubber similar to what you find in your swimming pool. The thickness can be adjusted and is usually between one and six inches. Because it is made with a rubber like material, Astroturf is extremely durable. As far as maintenance goes, it requires very little to keep it looking fresh.

Artificial grass also offers a variety of benefits. Unlike natural grass that must be maintained, artificial grass can be installed in a day. It doesn’t take a team of contractors or a month of digging for an average patch. Also, synthetic grass can be installed on top of concrete or asphalt and still last a long time. Natural grass can only survive on this type of surface for about a week before it breaks down and starts to look ugly.

Another advantage of synthetic grass is that it does not allow grass to grow underneath it. With real turf, the turf will begin growing below the artificial surface and you’ll need to get rid of the extra grass by ripping up the existing sod. With Astroturf, the infill polymers will provide a permanent barrier so there is no need to replace the sod.

It seems that Astroturf is a winner because it offers more benefits than any other artificial turf on the market today. The technology behind it is superior and it performs as good or better than traditional turf.

So why can’t you have natural grass turf in your back yard? The answer is that natural turf can take anywhere from two to five years to produce the same effect as the material created for Astroturf. The reason is because the natural turf tends to produce a fine line of fibers that are about three inches wide. When synthetic materials are added to the top of the soil, the fibers become more regular.

While the look of synthetic turf is attractive, many people are afraid of the smell. You can’t really get a good idea of that odor from the texture because it doesn’t seem like real grass. It looks more like mud. It is difficult to tell the difference between natural and synthetic turf without inspecting the material for yourself.