What difference could an engraved jewel make?

A jewel personalized with your thoughts would always be special. An engraved bracelet could tell a lot of stories. One can have the following benefits of using an engraved jewel or gifting it to someone.
Expression of love
The primary benefit of presenting someone with an engraved jewel is to express your love for them. Buying an engraved jewel symbolizing your thoughts of the person and your relationship would be way better emotional than buying a simple product.
Family identity
Family’s bond is vital and every family would love to have a symbol that passes to the future generation. You can crave something like that to pass to your children and grandchildren in the form of custom jewelry. You can engrave something that closely relates to your family sentiments and gift it to your relative. Since the jewel lasts forever, your family bond and identity will remain forever in different hands.
Easily identifiable
Let us assume the worst case that your jewelry is lost. If it is an ordinary jewel, there would be thousands of jewelry pieces looking exactly like yours and the lost thing will remain lost forever. However, if you have an engraved jewel with a unique design known to only you, you will not find it hard to identify your piece even when it is lost. The uniqueness could help you keep in touch with the jewel forever.
Lasts forever
You need not worry about your engravings going faded away as it would stay there forever as long as the jewel is there. So, whatever memory you share with the person you gift it to will remain there and help the person remember it whenever he or she watches the jewel.